The Restrictive Housing Act: From Solitary to Step Down. 

The Restrictive Housing Act would prevent the abuse of solitary confinement by stopping the use of solitary confinement as an arbitrary punishment. After it is passed, as a general, solitary confinement will be kept at a maximum of 15 days. Currently, it happens for weeks, months, and years. Our bill will help make the transition safe and effective.

This proposal would achieve two aims:

Restrict the Use of Solitary

Confinement to 15 days.

Require solitary to be part of a step-down program

Several other states have closed their supermax prisons and reduced their solitary confinement populations, allowing them to protect prisoners' mental health, save money, and improve prison safety and morale.

It's time for RIDOC to show, not just say, that it doesn't support long-term solitary confinement, and stop using it as a catch all solution.


Step down programs help inmates get back into general population instead of getting stuck in solitary confinement.

Through the use of regular checkins and the gradual reintroduction of privileges, inmates get the opportunity to use time away from general population for growth rather than stagnating in an empty room with no direction.

The legislative (when laws get made) session starts January 7th, 2022, and that's when the foot hits the pedal.

To get this bill made into a law, we need the senate and the house to majority vote for it.

Your voice matters, reach out to us at or 4015360744