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The Reform Solitary Confinement Act

The Reform Solitary Confinement Act would limit and regulate the use of solitary confinement in RIDOC facilities. If passed, the RHA would

  • Limit solitary confinement (disciplinary confinement) to 15 consecutive days and 30 days in a 60 day period

  • Limit disciplinary confinement (punitive solitary confinement for alleged violation of department rules) to offenses involving violence, escape, or posing a threat to prison safety by encouraging others to engage in violence or escape

  • Prohibit placing any member of a vulnerable class in solitary confinement

  • Create equal access to programming, personal belongings in cell, commissary, medical and mental health care, legal assistance, and basic necessities for those in solitary as those in general population

  • Increase out of cell time in Administrative Confinement to 4 hours a day

  • Create a step-down and transitional housing program with 6 hours out of cell time per day

  • Increase RIDOC reporting requirements on solitary confinement

  • Bring certain RIDOC policies under the purview of the Rhode Island Administrative Procedures Act, allowing for public comment and increased transparency

Other states have reduced their solitary confinement populations, allowing them to protect incarcerated people's mental health, save money, and improve prison safety.

It's time for Rhode Island to end long-term solitary confinement.

See our fact sheet on the Reform Solitary Confinement Act and testimony from directly impacted individuals here

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