Read and watch statements from individuals currently and formerly incarcerated in High Security or other solitary confinement housing settings at the ACI (check back for new videos):

"The traumas I had in High Security, in this I’m speaking of specifically, 23 hour lockdown, imagine you have a child and this child has a mental health breakdown. What are you gonna do?


What these people do, correctional officers, they take these children—because we are all someone’s child, you know—they take us and what they do when we have a mental health breakdown in this cell, there’s a slot in this door right here, they spray a riot sized mace can in that slot until you almost pass out.


And if you continue to have a mental health breakdown after they spray that riot can, they’re gonna spray another one. And then when you fall, they come in the cell, five, six, seven people, they cuff you up, damn near dislocate your shoulder, bruises all on you. They strip you butt naked and take you to a shower that they control the water temperature, it’s either too hot or too cold, never just right, ‘cause remember, we’re all dehumanized."

Joseph Shepard
Tarah Dorsey

"I spent 2 years in seg, segregation, solitary confinement, for different reasons. To much commentary, too much hygiene products, too much food in my locker, down to sharing food.

Its built to break you, to break your spirits, to break your mind.

I used to call seg the Warehouse of the Broken."

Roberta Richman

"You're talking about people who are vulnerable to begin with, who have mental illness, who have struggled with poverty and violence all their lives... How can someone retain their sanity?"

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